AKO Sixth Form Centre

Client : UCS Hampstead
Location : Hampstead, London
Budget : £1.1m
Completed : 2020

UCS Hampstead set out a clear ambition to create a new social hub for the sixth formers that inspires pupils to explore the excitement of learning. The new 300m2 facility, responds to this brief in delivering a dynamic range of spaces, offering a flexible and innovative blend of zones and environments for independent learning. The design focuses on a space in which students can work in small groups and use resources outside the classroom context whilst being passively supervised. The flexible spatial configuration, degree of visual transparency and acoustic control combine to ensure a successful balance between the more traditional classroom environments and the open resource space.

Thanks to the pupils’ who pushed for the inclusion of planting to enhance wellbeing, nature pervades the entire scheme – from the cafe extension to the permeable grids.

Photography © Jack Hobhouse