About This Project

Bel and the Dragon, Churt

This project involved the reordering of the existing public house and hotel to improve the usability of its layout and increase the amount of functional space by incorporating the exterior spaces into the overall design.

To achieve this, along with general internal refurbishments, the bar area was relocated to a more prominent position towards the front of the building, providing a more defined welcome point. The centre of the property became a restaurant, serviced from the existing kitchen. This in turn freed up space to the west, allowing the rear elevation to be opened up to provide a new dining area, spanning the threshold between inside and outside while also resulting in a new visual relationship between the bar and the garden. The external spaces were also upgraded with a combination of hardstanding and soft landscaping, providing the property with an appealing pub garden.

Client : Longshot Ltd

Location : Churt, Surrey

Budget : Undisclosed

Completed : 2014

Commercial, Conservation