About This Project

Evergreen Close

The proposed scheme had been designed to create a small, semi-rural eco development which respected the natural surrounding environment, while also enhancing the woodland setting by offering a woodland and wildlife management plan as an integral aspect of the design. The Evergreen Close development proposed three, highly environmentally-friendly, residential family dwellings. They were designed to act as a precedent for future sustainable living.

Each of the three units, which varied in size to provide mixed living requirements, embraced modern sustainable technologies and advanced methods of design and construction to provide a low environmental impact development. The properties utilised passive environmental design, efficient detailing and construction and reduced non-renewable energy consumption.

The overall aim of the Evergreen Close development was to transform an under managed, neglected and abused site into an exemplary model of ecological architecture and managed landscape design.

Client : Willowbrook

Location : Crowthorne, Berkshire.

Budget : N/A

Completed : 2009

Private Houses