• Field of Remembrance, Windlesham
  • Field of Remembrance, Windlesham

About This Project

Field of Remembrance, Windlesham

The proposal for the Windlesham Field of Remembrance Pavilion is for a multi-purpose sports and community centre located centrally within the village. The pavilion will become a hub for local activity and will be used by various different groups including a pre-school, a volunteer run library, the British legion, local police surgery as well as many local sports teams.
In addition to the various user groups an integral part of the brief was to provide accommodation for a locally run coffee shop. This will provide a much need local gathering and meeting space for residents.

The development site had many constraints including tree root protection zones, sports field boundaries and existing outbuildings that were to be retained. As such the development of the plan was a crucial part of the initial design. The client also intended to complete the construction process in stages and as such the plan needed to be one that could be completed in phases.

Client : Private

Location : Windlesham, Surrey

Budget : £700k

Completed : 2015