About This Project

Flood Proof House

This competition was launched to encourage a more innovative set of solutions that could balance development needs with environmental change. We were asked to design a house for the future, which could be built on a flood plain, and took the associated flood risk into account via its architectural features and design.

The design is based on the ‘Principle of Archimedes’ – that for a floating body to be in vertical equilibrium, the volume of a body immersed in a fluid must provide a buoyancy equal to the weight of the body.

The scheme was designed as a single, stand-alone unit and ewe applied a theory that could be manipulated to suit the individual constraints of a domestic dwelling. We sought to develop a system and demonstrate how it worked within a specific example. Added to this, we suggested an architectural language that enabled flexibility in response to either site constraints or the end user’s requirements.

Client : Longshot Ltd

Location : Odiham, Hampshire

Budget : £400k

Completed : 2015