About This Project

Great Fen Visitor Centre

One of the key influences behind our design for the Great Fen Visitor Centre was the contrasting relationship between man-made and nature that has defined the present day Fen landscape. The scheme drew precedent from the current day context in the form of the man-made drainage channels which cut through the landscape and created pockets of functional infill. This has now been inhabited by arable farmland. Using this architectural concept of ‘cut and fill’ we were able to evolve a design for a cluster of building blocks occupying the spaces between.

The cut became a red ribbon walkway which connected the cluster of buildings. The destination of this walkway was a 4m high viewing platform on the roof of one of the buildings, which allowed for panoramic views. This journey and destination allowed visitors to experience the evolving landscape from an elevated and historically significant perspective. The flexibility of the resultant ‘modular’ design and the ability to evolve and add to the building over time was harmonious with the concept that it mirror the overall landscape of the Great Fen.

Client : RIBA Competition

Location : Holme, Cambridgeshire

Budget : £2m

Completed : 2011